CHC AGRITECH AFRICA is a leading Filipino Owned Company engaged in the distribution of Organic and Natural Agricultural inputs.
It was founded by dynamic, motivated and experienced entrepreneurs who are very eager to provide high quality, effective organic products to the African consumers.
The major Product Category - CHC AGRITECH is carefully processed from a balanced combination of organic raw materials and ingredients made for its exceptional efficacy.


Introducing a world-class organic bio-fertilizers, animal probiotics and waste treatment activator, Due to the significant decline in the agricultural output over the past years, CHC AGRITECH AFRICA took on the challenge to provide the best alternatives to preserve the environment and significantly improve the harvests and outputs of the African farmers and saving them valuable start-up capital.

This has led us to our unwavering search for providing our customers with the best products for the specific concern. We have continuously developed the CHC AGRITECH agro inputs to provide innovative solutions to our clients with only the best and most effective agricultural technology today.


The efficacy of CHC Agritech products come from its unique and proven formulation. Derived from a breakthrough enzyme technology by world renowned Japanese Microbiologist and Enzymologist Dr. Tetsuo Kamekawa, CHC Agritech products have been proven effective and used successfully in more than 30 countries around the world.

This technology was further enhanced in the Philippine setting by Dr. Kamekawa's son, John. With nothing left to chance, the technology had to pass the stringent "Organic Standards" of all the different countries where it markets its products. In the Philippines, the National Institute for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (better known as UP Biotech) consistently found that the product's derivatives are superior in producing large amounts of Beneficial Microorganisms that make the product superior to others.

Going a step further and to assure our clients of only the best products possible, CHC Agritech products were "Certified Organic" by Organic Certification Center of the Philippines (OCCP), the Department of Agriculture, the Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries and the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority of the Philipines. With CHC Agritech products, you are assured of the potency and effectiveness of every product you purchase.


To provide Agricultural Solutions by promoting highly organic technology and products.


To be the top and most efficient distribution company on organic agro solutions in the African market.

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